Air Cyclone

Excellent dust separator.
High operating reliability.
No maintenance.

Product Overview
Air cyclones or cyclone are also known as dust collectors. They are widely used for the collection of medium-sized and coarse particles. Their relatively simple construction and absence of moving parts mean that the costs and maintenance are lower than other dust controlling devices, that are available in the particulate control industry. The inertial separators are usually used as pre-cleaners upstream of the other control devices to reduce the dust loading and to remove larger, abrasive particles.

Operational Manner
The air cyclone wall is made up of a cylindrical upper section and a cone-shaped bottom section. For heavy-duty applications and in the presence of particularly abrasive dust particles, the inlet spout and the walls of the upper section are reinforced.

The general principle of inertial separation is that the particulate-laden gas is forced to change direction. As the gas changes direction, the inertia of the particles causes them to continue in the original direction and be separated from the gas stream.

Areas of Application
Cyclones and centrifugal collectors are utilized in various industries and suitable for use with nearly any type of waste material including wood, drywall, concrete, gravel, clay/silica, bio-waste, and more! It is used to control dust inside processing facilities as:
• Seeds factory.
• Pulses factory.
• Feed factories
• Flour factories
• Chemical facilities

Air Cyclone Distinguish Features
• Easy assembly, and low maintenance.
• Relaible separators.
• Wide range of applications.
• Wide range of models.

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