Sesame Peeling Machine

Advanced Sesame Hulling Technology.
Innovative Peeling System.
Remove the Hull Easily and Successfully.

Product Overview
MarkoomTech Sesame hulling machine commingles the advanced technology significantly enhance sesame hulling systems. This unprecedented system has abolished the traditional methods, reduced the amount of the used water, and avoided the use of chemicals and salt in the treatment of the seeds. Sesame hulling machine provides a very high-quality product keeping its natural properties intact.

Operational Manner
MarkoomTech sesame hulling machine is designed to exfoliate the sesame seed automatically. The machine consists of cylinders, the number of these cylinders are indifferent as per the models. These cylinders are vertically connected. The first cylinder in all of the models is for misting and humidifying. The next cylinders are for hulling, the hull will be removed from the kernel by the relative friction between the sesame seed inside the hulling machine.

• Pre-storage hopper.
• screw feeding.
• Misting cylinder.
• Hulling cylinders.
• Supported structure.

Models In order to meet the needs and requirements of all of the clients and to satisfy all productive capacities, MarkoomTech has designed and manufactured several models of sesame hulling machines for every client and every production rate of a sesame processing plant.

MarkoomTech developed models
1- Medium Sesame Hulling Machine.
2- Large Sesame Hulling Machine.
3- XL Sesame Hulling Machine.

1- Medium Sesame Hulling Machine

MarkoomTech sesame hulling machine basically consists of two cylinders, the primary cylinder is mainly applied as a pre-hulling process while the last cylinder is implemented for the hulling process. The hulling process right starts when the sesame is fed into the pre-hulling cylinder where it is moisturized with water continuously in order to soften the pigments of sesame seeds to facilitate the hulling process. In the last cylinder, an intensive hulling takes place and the exfoliation of sesame occurs by the mean of friction of sesame seeds with each other insider. This model is specially designed to meet the requirement of both small and medium sesame hulling facilities and tahini production facilities.

2- Large Sesame Hulling Machine

MarkoomTech large model sesame hulling machine was exclusively determined for the standard tahini and sesame peeling facilities. MarkoomTech sesame peeling machine consists of three applied cylinders fixed together on a heavy supporting structure. As in the medium type sesame peeling machine, the first cylinder acts as a pre-peeling cylinder and moisturizes sesame while the second and third cylinders are used for the hulling process. The friction technique begins in the second cylinder and starts peeling. Same friction technique continues in the third cylinder, so higher capacities more than medium type are being processed and as in the medium type, sesame peeling machine optimum and high-quality results are obtained. This sesame peeling machine is designed to serve standard sesame and tahini processing plants.

3- XL Sesame Hulling Machine

MarkoomTech has designed this special XL model to meet the pressing needs of professional sesame peeling facilities and their will to process big quantities. MarkoomTech has designed two large type sesame peeling machine in a single structure. These two machines work together separately and thus achieve higher capacities. The first cylinders of each side are for misting and humidifying of sesame to start the hulling process, while the second and third cylinder is for the hulling process. The right-side machine synergy with the left side to process higher production capacity at the same time.

MarkoomTech sesame peeling machines – sesame peeling (medium type) – sesame peeling (large type) – sesame peeling (XL large type) are designed for processing of all kind of sesame peeling. They are designed for easy processing. The cylinders are specially designed with CIP features for easy cleaning.

Distinguish features
• Dry type sesame peeling system.
• High peeling rate of 99%.
• High production efficiency and perfect results.
• Constant peeling process without modifying sesame’s natural properties.
• Improved peeling systems via advanced technology.
• No chemical or salt used during Sesame Peeling Process.
• Continuous processing system.

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