Roasting Machine – Continual Cylindrical Type

Advanced Roasting Technology.
Continuous Roasting Technology.
Efficient Roasting Process.
Specially Designed for Sesame Roasting.

Product Overview
MarkoomTech sesame continual roasting machine has been designed for sesame roasting by the utilization of advanced technology. This advanced technology has been developed in accordance with the traditional sesame roasting principles in a continuous way for the needs of modern tahini production plants. The toasting process is carried out by direct contact with the hot surface inside the roasting chambers (cylinders) quietly, smoothly, and constantly. This continual roasting machine provides homogenize product for the production of tahini paste.

Operational Manner
MarkoomTech sesame roasting machine was designed for sesame roasting continuously. The machine consists of a series of cylinders to applied for the roasting process. The number of these cylinders are indifferent as per production rate. The applied roasting cylinders are vertically connected. Each cylinder is with double jackets covered heated by steam where sesame is passed for roasting via direct contact with the hot surface.


• Applied roasting chambers made of AISI-304.
• Massive roasting shafts with mixing arms.
• Service platform with stairs.

Distinguish features
• High production efficiency and perfect results.
• Constant roasting process.
• Continuous processing system.
• Simple working principle.
• Continuous operation.
• Accurate Blanching and Drying.
• Temperatures can accurately be controlled.
• Can be used for drying, pasteurizing and roasting.

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