Rotary Air Classifier

The right solution for light products separation.
The correct manner for separating hulled sesame and its husks.
Appropriate husks removing in the tahini processing plant.

Product Overview
MarkoomTech Rotary Air Classifier is a special cleaning system applied to clean the husk from hulled sesame. It has an excellent ability to handle various types of materials as well. The working principle of rotary air classifier is based on the basic role of centrifugal, gravity, and flow forces that bring about the classification in elements of materials of different sizes and densities. The rotary air classifier has no screen, it is a system with light parts suction. Rotary air classifier provides the most effective and efficient means for separating light impurities.

Operational Manner
MarkoomTech rotary air classifier is specially designed in such a way to give extremely good results for the cleaning of sesame husks inside the tahini producing facilities and to satisfy the needs of sesame seed traders who are looking for serving high qualities products (white sesame). Classifiers are basically centrifugal separators, it consists of an upper cylindrical part referred to as the barrel and a lower conical part referred to as a cone, with a ventilator rotor disc incorporated in-between barrel and cone and combining the classifying area. The side of the barrel (the upper cylindrical part) of the classifier is designed with an absorbed chute suitable for the aspirator suction. When the materials fall into the classifying area, the light materials are caught by an aspirator suction which carries these lighter particles through the ventilator rotor disc and from there, they are carried to cyclones. During classifying process, heavy particles are not caught by the air flow but fall into the cone to continue the process.

Distinguish features • Made for ease of use, longevity, and accuracy.
• Accurate separation for light materials.
• Improved productivity of operations.
• Reduced utilization of horsepower.
• Strong construction of mechanism and casing ensures long-lasting.
• Use of cyclone separator leads to less dusting on the output side.
• Easy maintenance.

Benefits Rotary Air Classifier use the combination of air for weighing for separation and provides extremely good results in cleaning sesame husks from hulled sesame in sesame peeling facilities and tahini producing factories as well. Likewise, rotary air separator can sort any dry granular and free-flowing material according to particle density. It does not damage the material during the process of cleaning and enables the continual process.

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