Rotary Washing and Soaking Machine

Continuous rinsing machine.
An advanced design brings high cleaning performance.

Product Overview
MarkoomTech rotary washing and soaking machine is specially designed for a continuous cleaning of sesame. This process prepares the seed for its subsequent drying or roasting process in the tahini producing plants. Rotary washing and soaking machine are ideal for the continuous sesame rinsing process. The machine applies the traditional principles of sesame rising by keeping the product inside the water during the process which allow water get inside the kernels of the seed and prepare the seed for a better roasting and grinding results afterneath.

Operational Manner
MarkoomTech high-efficiency rotary washing and soaking machine is specially designed for sesame seed washing to be used in sesame handling plants. The washing is basically a long rotating drum with an internal helix tumble and conveys sesame seed forwards inside the washing drum with water spray nozzles. The product is continuously fed via a screw feeder at the front of the washing machine, the flow rate is controlled via a manual gate. The water spray nozzle system creates a powerful cleaning action in the immersion zone (water pool). The product stays in the water pool enough until it goes out from the washer in a process and gives give extremely good results in washing and soaking inside tahini producing factories.
• Rotary Drums.
• Screw feeder.
• Internal helix.
• Water pumps.
• Spray or Immersion.
• Stainless Steel Construction.

Distinguish features
• Continuous drum assembly with internal helix.
• Soaking section or water pool for immersion cleaning.
• Perforated drum sections for draining and drying
• Removable spray piping and adjustable sprays
• Continuous operation.
• High efficiency.
• Total drum access.

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