Sesame seed has a thin shell or husk which need to be removed in a process known as (Dehulling). This process is achieved in two ways known as Wet Dehulling Process and Dry Dehulling Process.

MarkoomTech has developed its own way continues dry type sesame system designed by a special engineering and high technology after years of experience and many tests.

This new dehulling system consists of continues dry peeling machine, separating the husk from kernels after the hulling process and other developed equipment provided as per your customized needs and goals. It has proven high-efficiency, low maintenance, and energy and power saving.

MarkoomTech dry dehulling process has canceled the use of salt, water pools, salt’s tanks, and of the other traditional ways of peeling sesame. MarkoomTech renewed peeling machine applies the use of cylindrical units for the peeling process instead.

The renewed peeling machine helps us to:
- Peel sesame instantly and produce consistent peeling with high quality.
- Completely eliminate the need for the old traditional ways (salt’s tank, water pool) and saved a large amount of space.
- Cancelled wasted product.
- Save a lot of time and effort.
- Reduce the use of manual labor cost.
MarkoomTech has designed this new peeling machine for the easy removal of the husk from sesame seed, and developed this new peeling system for an easy and accurate processing and get the best results when peeling sesame using the modern technology.

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