Tahini, also called tahina in some countries, is a paste produced from the finest sesame seeds. MarkoomTech developed the traditional way of producing Tahini with modern technology.

The process of turning sesame seeds into tahini first begins with feeding clean sesame into an automatic sesame peeling machine – dry type. Then the seeds are passed for husk removing process by MarkoomTech special husk removing system by the mean of aspiration the husk is separated automatically. Next sesame is moved into a Rotary Washing and Soaking Machine for soaking and excellent washing. After soaking and washing process comes to the process drying with MarkoomTech continuous dry machine to ensure fixed moisture in order to obtain roasting with fixed standards. After that and with MarkoomTech special conveying system the product is moved for the roasting process – Continual Cylindrical Type. Finally, the seeds are ground into a paste and that’s the end of the process for tahini production.

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