Tubular Disc Conveyor

Excellent solution for the transport of sensitive products, and wet products.
An ideal way to move materials in a safe, clean and efficient manner.

Product Overview
The Tubular Disc Conveyor is a fully enclosed conveying system. It is mechanically driven conveyors that drag bulk and legume materials inside a stainless-steel tube. The system consists of polyethylene disc attached to stainless-steel cable inside an enclosed conduit. The system operation is totally dust free.

Tubular disc conveyor is specially designed for a superfine conveying of the wet sesame seed. It is also designed for gentle materials handling. It carries materials between the discs within an enclosed conduit design to move materials in a safe and gentle way without friction or stress in the outlet boxes and inside the tube from the inlet or inlets to the discharge or discharges.

Operational Manner
A cable with discs spaced along its length and its ends connected to each other inside the conduit in order to shape an endless loop. The discs and cable are driven by a sprocket-wheel pulled by a motor engine. Changes in direction are facilitated by bends in the tubing. Input and discharge of the product are through outlet boxes. This flexible design allows single or multiple inlets and outlets, and the conveying tube is easy routing vertically, horizontally, to the front or backward, to the right or the to the left or at any angle.

Tubular Disc Conveyor Distinguished Features
• Gentle conveying of friable materials (does not affect product – Minimize waste).
• Easy transfer of material from single or multiple feeding points (inlets) to single or multiple discharge points (outlets) (ideal for silos and packaging lines).
• flexible routing: its modular components allow easy changing of conveyor direction, length, and the number and position of feeding and discharge points (inlets and outlets).
• Closed system: dust-free, contamination-free handling.
• Reduce power consumption.
• Always clean: no product resides in the inlet or inlets.
• Easy to clean and available with CIP (Clean in Place) features.
• Easy assembly, low maintenance ease of use.

Available types
• Horizontal tubular disc conveyor.
• Vertical tubular disc conveyor.
• Upright tubular disc conveyor.
• C Type tubular disc conveyor.
• Z type tubular disc conveyor.

Nuts: Almonds – Walnuts – Pistachios – Cashews – Hazelnuts – Peanuts – Pine – Chestnuts – Filberts - Pecans – Macadamia...

Seeds: Sesame seed – Quinoa - Cotton Seed – Rice – Wheat – Barely – Rice - Sunflower Seeds – Watermelon seed - Mustard seed – Corn – Oats - Birdseed - Flax seed – Rape Seed...

Grains: Beans – Peas – Chickpeas – Soybean - Lentils – Lupine – Cowpea – Coffees...

Spices: Cumin - Ginger – Fennel – Anise - Caraway - Basil – Coriander – Pepper seed - Garlic – Nutmeg – Clove – Saffron- Cardamom – Cinnamon – Turmeric - Celery Seed - Rock Cherry – Fenugreek – Nigella – Poppy...
Herbs: Mint – Thyme – Oregano – Parsley - Juniper - Marjoram – Rosemary – Sage – Vanilla – Powder – Flour - Dried Fruits - Frozen Vegetables – Frozen...

Structure and Desing
MarkoomTech provide this unique conveying system. This unique system serves to handle material gently in an easy, safe, clean and efficient manner.

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