MarkoomTech deals with the issue of control and monitoring with specialized software and engineering team to introduce for you the best technological solutions in the field of electrical software.
MarkoomTech depending on its specialized programming team can build the best automation systems suitable for the process as a reliable automation partner.
And with our automation team, we can integrate your automation system (if there) with our new system or we can improve and renew your systems according to the last automation technology.

MarkoomTech Automation Services:
Remote control: (save money and time) our machines are equipped with REMOTE CONTROL UNIT which enables us to remotely connect and discover the problem, fix it, modify it or editing the system.
Scada system: It is high supervisory controlling and operating system with animation and project drawings to give monitoring with details and to save production data with recipes of production parameters to achieve the best control and make data analyzing.

Reporting Software:
MarkoomTech specialized software team has designed its own unique reporting program which connects directly with all of the machines reads the data from all system and saving it in the database, and create a report for the rate of production. Depending on the reporting program database you can get your daily production report easily and in a professional way. The report can be created according to time, by product name, or any type you want. It contains chart and graphic, displays the production process, analyzes data to provide all of the information about the production process, machines status, and performance.
MarkoomTech specialized software team will continue developing the software program to fit, and integer machines with the system.

An Automation System Consists of:
1. Main controller-PLC-programmer logic controller. We use high-performance plc with a high-speed processor, programmed with a program written by our engineers to achieve the best suitable efficiency.
2. HMI SCREEN with high resolution connecting to plc for monitoring all operations, set parameter, displaying alarms, reading information about the process and making an intervention for the process.
3. Sensors and Indicators: installed in the proper places to give the signal to plc to control the system.
4. Motor drivers and contactors: connected to plc output for driving and running the motors and other equipment integrated into the system using last technology at high-level control drive.

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