MarkoomTech designs a special conveying system, that is distinguished from other companies.

This system is well-known as tubular disc conveyors. It combines tubes with cables and discs attached at set intervals.

MarkoomTech adopts this system to move materials in a safe, clean, gentle, and efficient manner. It is an ideal system for moving materials in a teddy way.

This system serves to gently handle materials from the intake to discharge by holding materials among discs inside the enclosed tube. Materials are not blown about or forced around sweeps. They are carried without stress, bumping, or friction. Breakage is kept to a minimum.

MarkoomTech tubular disc conveying system is the best solution for fragile materials. Whether you are a seed handler, food processor, or industrial company, tubular disc conveying system provides you with the right conveying system.

Tubular disc conveying system is highly customizable and flexible. It allows single or multiple inlets and discharges, you can easily set a course of conveyor tube at any angle, horizontally or vertically.

This system has been used for a long time in Europe, and now by the effort of MarkoomTech engineers, you can find this easy solution in Turkey.

Unlike other company, MarkoomTech adopts this conveying system because it is an ideal solution for conveying materials and better than other traditional conveying systems. MarkoomTech has succeeded in providing this system after the long experience

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