About MarkoomTech
MarkoomTech is an innovative company, that manufactures Tahini producing machines and food industry in a modern European way. MarkoomTech offers Method of sesame seed handling machines by using today’s technology. MarkoomTech is a registered brand under MarkoomTech Makina Gıda İth. İhr. Dış Tic. San. Ltd. Şti.

MarkoomTech developed the traditional ways of producing Tahini by adopting modern technology. with the experts of its staff, MarkoomTech has succeeded in enhancing new machines for producing tahini. So far, MarkoomTech has developed machines - sesame seed peeling – drying machine – washing machine – roasting machine - grinding machine and new conveying system, with this new equipment MarkkomTech added new value to the way of producing tahini and hence meets customer need. MarkoomTech crosses the old method by new solutions and, thus provides an industrial process with modern technology food industry. MarkoomTech helps the manufacturers to produce and serve safe and healthy food to your table. MarkoomTech is obsessed with R&D research and works hard in search for new solutions.

Develop old tools and methods of producing Tahini with the presevation of old flavour with modern equipment using contemporary innovative technology. Provide the best solutions before investment, best equipment and services, and intensive support when planning your project. Total customer commitmet and after-sales services. Always stand for your requirements and look forwards to your feedback.

MarkoomtTech will be: a world-wide, innovative partner and supplier of high-quality equipment for producing the food industry. Compete to create technological solutions by applying expertise and technology.

Commitment: Always concern about your, beside your needs, your satisfaction in the first place. Efficiency: Efficient equipment, efficient solutions, efficient technical support.